Deborah Braun

Let me help you “invigorate your mind”



  • Adults (young to elderly)
  • Couples

Areas of Practice

  • Self-Criticism/Esteem, Shame, Guilt
  • Adjustment Struggles (illness, work, love)
  • Anxiety and Panic
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Interpersonal Challenges
  • Stress/Life Balance
  • Personal Growth
RCC Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC #3553)

I am delighted to be a counsellor in the 21st century. Now that neuroscience has demonstrated the “brain changing” potential of counselling, working together, we can literally “invigorate your mind.” I use a unique integration of pragmatic, traditional therapies with the latest in subtle neuropsychology exercises. My clients say they feel more confident, clear-minded, determined and optimistic.

Life is full of challenges. When diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at middle age, I was devastated. I mistakenly thought I was no longer a healthy person, that my life would be diminished. Ironically, learning to be curious, compassionate and courageous towards my illness has invigorated me: I am a healthier person and a passionate therapist because of it. If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, the shame or frustration of an interfering behaviour or problematic situation, I welcome the opportunity to help you heal, learn and grow as we “invigorate your mind.”

My Style is responsive, creative and holistic. I aim to understand and respect your unique complexity as we work to identify and reach your goals. I will guide you to courageously connect with what troubles you, and help you recognize and harness your resourcefulness. You can count on me to challenge your unhelpful habits, and even propose counterintuitive strategies to activate your motivation for change. Along the way, we will identify and practice opportunities for clarity and calm in your daily life. Expect to be challenged, to exercise curiosity, to act courageously, as we collaboratively chart a path towards your fulfillment.

My Experience working and volunteering in the health services field extends over 10 years in Vancouver and London, England. I have extensive experience counselling and coaching a diverse clientele— executives, college students, immigrants, hospital administrators, parliamentarians, and more. In addition to counselling, I enjoy delivering workshops on a variety of topics, such as stress and anger management, curiosity and self-esteem, and adjustment to chronic illness in my Vibrant Despite Illness Series.

My Value lies in helping you thrive amidst challenges in health, love, or career. Alfred Adler, a pioneer of psychology, once said, “It is not what happens in life that matters, but what we do with what has happened.” I wonder… what might you do, and how might I offer compassionate connection as we “invigorate your mind” with curiosity, creativity and courage?

My Education

  • Master of Counselling Psychology: Adler School of Professional Psychology (Vancouver)
  • Counselling Psychology Certificate: Regents College (London, UK)
  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture: University of British Columbia

My Specialized Training

  • Neuroscience in practice: counselling and coaching with the body in mind
  • Weaving positive experiences into the brain for resilience
  • Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems (CIMBS)
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Mindfulness
  • Assertiveness and non-violent communication
  • Working intentionally with hope
  • Motivational interviewing

My Life Outside Work is busy, and fulfilling, but not without its bumps. I am a community-minded middle-aged wife and mother of teenage children. I love to swim (in open water), hike (with my sweet hound), and travel (for work and pleasure).

What do my clients say about their counselling experience

“Recently, I became aware that I was unhappy with the repetitive nature of certain undesirable behaviour. In a very short time, Deborah helped me see the core of what was causing the problems. This new awareness enabled me to adjust and move on with a sense of freedom.Deborah’s intuition, insight, and unwavering focus on the goal make her the perfect guide through this type of terrain, and you will enjoy her professional conduct and easy way of working with you. I recommend her services to anyone looking to improve his/her life, out of gratitude for the help and improvement in mine.”— Middle aged client working through relationship difficulties


“I feel so much better, like we’ve sorted out a whole bunch of stuff, like I’m back on the right path. I’ve done a lot of reflecting, growing, living over the past 6 months of therapy with Deborah. I realize how much I’ve accomplished, experienced and it has had a profound impact on me as a person. It’s exciting, gratifying. This is the first time in my life I’ve really become whole, integrated. That’s the gift in all of this.”— Middle aged client working through divorce

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