Vibrant Despite Illness Series

The primary objective of the Vibrant Despite Illness lecture series is to offer assistance to those who are struggling emotionally to adapt to, and live with a chronic health condition.

Research shows that psychological distress interferes with our willingness and ability to adjust to chronic disease. My personal struggle to accept and adapt to the unexpected diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, at middle age, motivated me to research what impedes and what facilitates healthy adjustment. In my workshops, I enthusiastically share helpful insights and techniques that foster psychological and physical well-being. I welcome any opportunity to present to your school, organization, charity, or support group.

I tailor the workshop to your needs, within a framework of key topics:

  • Developing a healthy attitude towards chronic illness by learning ways to navigate away from feeling distressed and limited, and towards feeling energetic and capable.
  • Getting a grip on anger and shaking off disappointments.
  • Challenging anxiety by finding a path to relief.
  • Building hope by challenging the emotional hardships of life with chronic illness.

Here are some examples of how my workshops meet the needs of specific audiences.

For Schools:
Challenges and Strategies to encourage healthy adjustment to chronic illness in children and teens.

This workshop is designed to educate teachers, school counsellors, and administrators on how to recognize distress caused by chronic health conditions and how to help students adapt.

For Caregivers:
Stress Management for Family Caregivers: It all begins with better care for you.

Challenges of adapting to chronic illness is not limited to those with the condition. Caregivers report high levels of distress. This workshop offers great self-care tips to alleviate and manage stress.

For Those Afflicted with Diabetes:
Vibrant despite Diabetes: How to use curiosity to challenge self-criticism and harness motivation to thrive.
Address the Stress of Diabetes: Sound strategies to shift through distress towards ease.