Workshops: Parenting from the Heart

Parenting from the Heart

In this interactive workshop based on the works of parenting guru Jane Nelson— author of Positive Discipline, and Adlerian and Step Parenting Models—Nicole leads a dynamic 90 minute session that gets to the heart of parenting struggles and has “you” play your child.

You will learn what mistaken hidden goals your child may have that lie behind his/her behaviour. You will leave feeling empowered to respond in a mutually respectful way that prevents you from raising pampered children or hanging them out to dry. You learn to set the balance of being kind and firm at the same time (yay!) as well as help your child thrive through encouragement. We will discuss and make crystal clear the differences between punishment and consequence versus reward, praise and encouragement.

This session is helpful for parents with children ages 3 to late teens. It can also be modified to run as an 8 week parenting course (I have done this many times.)